Johnsons’ Oil and Water Service specializes in providing oilfield transportation service including winch trucks, slicky trucks, bed trucks, hotshot trucks, and forklift/loaders to meet the needs of our customers. 

We also offer oilfield consultation services related to all aspects of oil/gas well management and production including facilities and hookups.  With Rick’s 30+ years of oilfield experience and extensive resources and contacts, he is probably one of the most called upon individuals when companies need assistance with their oilfield needs.  

Johnsons’ Oil and Water Service is also an authorized trucking broker.  This is yet another way that we can meet the needs of our customers by assembling a closely assimilated and well qualified group that work well together for those times when additional resources are required for the job.  Contact Colleen Johnson regarding broker contracts if you are interested in joining the Johnsons’ Oil and Water Service family.     

Cinnamon and the Scona
Pete, Vanilla, & the Mack
Autocar With Poles
Babe the Blue Ox
The Goat
The Goatlet
JOW4 Hotshot Truck
CAT Loader
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